Many individuals suffer and regularly experience foot pain. If your feet are aching especially when standing, walking, or running, you may want to consider custom orthotics. Foot alignment is important to your health and well-being since your feet are foundations that provide strength and stability to the rest of the body.

A custom orthotic is a device designed to align the foot and ankle into the most anatomically efficient position. They look like the insoles you might see in a retail store, but they’re biomechanical devices created just for you. Custom orthotics are designed to cushion and support your feet in the anatomical areas needed.

Here are 5 benefits of custom orthotics:

1. Pain Reduction

When you’re experiencing pain when standing, walking, or running, our natural tendency is to adjust our body to reduce the pain. However, adjusting your gait or stance can create other problems in your feet, legs, or spine. Custom orthotics can help reduce pain and encourage healing without placing improper strain on other areas of your body.

2. Correct Foot Abnormalities

Custom orthotics can be used to correct foot abnormalities such as supination (high arches) or pronation (collapsed arches) by restoring balance and avoiding worsening your foot problem. Supination is when your feet roll outward when you walk, meaning all of your weight and stress of the gain is on your heel ball in your foot, causing calluses, ankle instability, and plantar fasciitis. Pronation is when your foot experiences too much rolling, meaning too much weight is transferred on the inner side of the foot, causing fractures, tendonitis, and knee injuries.

3. Improve Skeletal Health

Did you know orthotics can also improve your skeletal health? You might think that a custom orthotic is only used as shock absorbers, but they aren’t the only factor when you look at orthotics. Biomechanical dysfunctions can lead to many different issues starting from the heels and up to upper spinal complaints.

4. Supports Your Foot

Wearing custom orthotics will help to support your foot to correct biomechanical issues of the foot. However, they also help with foot pain caused by medical conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, and diabetes.

5. Enhance Sports Performance

Wear and tear from sports will eventually lead to pain and discomfort that can hinder you from doing your best. Custom orthotics will help to keep your foot, leg, and body pain-free, comfortable, and well-aligned. This will make it possible for you to perform sports and activities better as well as help to lower your risk of injury.