Like any other service you purchase, physiotherapy care is meant to service your best interest. However, many patient’s approach to any form of medical treatment with the notion that the medical practitioners know best. And without dispute, we can all agree that they are the experts, but no one can ever know your body as well as you do. For this reason, it is important that you ask the right questions when you visit a new physiotherapist.

We have compiled a list of vital questions you should ask your physiotherapist on your next visit.

1. Ask For The Diagnosis Behind The Symptoms

While symptoms are the signs that show you have an injury, symptoms are not the underlying cause of the injury. When physiotherapists observe a collection of symptoms, this is to help arrive at a diagnosis. Often the symptoms or the sore muscles and joints are what are worked on, but asking your physiotherapist for the diagnosis behind your symptoms will help you understand why certain treatments are being completed and provide you with the peace of mind of knowing the level of your injury and what you are dealing with.

2. Ask If The Administered Treatment Is For To Relieve The Symptoms or Treat the Cause

Getting to the root of your injury to provide a lasting solution means treating the underlying cause of the injury and not just the symptoms. For instance, when you have a sprained ankle, treatment such as therapeutic ultrasound and cold compression are only administered to treat the symptoms (swelling and pain) and not the underlying cause of the injury (over stretched ligament). Treating the underlying cause of the injury and the symptoms will provide lasting relief and prevent future occurrence of such injuries.

3. Check Credentials

Asking if your physiotherapist is registered is an important question that should be asked before the start of any treatment. You should also take the extra step to verify the documents and credentials to be certain they are in right standing with their governing body. This should be pretty simple, as most physiotherapists have their credentials on display in their office. Checking reviews and feedback online regarding your prospective physiotherapist would also be a smart choice, as chances are you will experience the common compliments or complaints.

4. Ask How Long Treatments Will Last

This seems like an obvious question most patients ask their physiotherapist, but its more often than not asked with the wrong intent. Patients often ask this question to know how soon they will be done with the treatment and can carry on with their regular daily routine. This question should be asked with the intent of validating the physiotherapists diagnosis in line with the improvement schedule he or she tells you. If your physiotherapist says the symptoms of the injury will recede within two treatment sessions and you are yet to see any improvement after the fourth. It would be obvious the diagnosis was wrong or your body isn’t responding to treatment. Either ways, it is always good to know what milestones you are expected to reach and by when.

You shouldn’t be concerned about asking your physiotherapist questions regarding your injury and your recovery. They will gladly explain your treatments and why they are taking certain actions. In the end, they are a professionally trained practitioner, and will be glad to share with you the details of your recovery journey.